Famed is a porcelain tile assortment for floor and wall that offers porcelain durability with the beauty of marble designs. Accompanying the collection’s tile products are chevron mosaics and penny round mosaics. All Famed products feature proprietary Microban technology that provides powerful antimicrobial product protection. Microban technology is built-into the product and will not wash off or wear away, the company added.

Famed porcelain tile collection provides the look of five gorgeous marble designs in on-trend colors, including a modern beige, warm whites, and warm and cool greys. Rich with majestic marble vein visuals, these products bring a fresh, sophisticated design to any area. The inclusion of proprietary Microban technology equips this product line to easily stand up to daily life demands while delivering an abundance of style.

The Famed collection offers luxurious marble visuals. Diamond is a Calacatta Macchia Vecchia with warm and rusty tones. Luxe offers the elegance of Agate striations. Iconic is a warm Tuscan marble with Onyx elements blended in it. Fortune is a softer, more monochromatic take on Frappuccino marble, to which brown and warm grey were added. Glamour lends sophistication by softening and refining the typically bold movements of Orobica marble and highlights the visual with cool grey and hints of gold rust.

Famed tiles are available in 12x24 or 24x24, matte, and fully polished. Appropriate for use on floor, wall, countertop, and shower floor surfaces, Famed is Made in the USA, the company added.

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